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Get Off The Tablet


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About Us

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About the Authors

Olivia Griffin and Nadia Griffin are two sisters who live in New Orleans, Louisiana, with their family and their furry sidekick, Minnie, named after Minnie Mouse! The girls, despite having quite different personalities, both love to do artwork and writing, so they decided to share their love of creativity by writing a children's book together. Inspired by events that happened to their own family, these two ambitious young ladies, wanted to make something that would inspire and entertain other kids their ages. They have plans for many more books in the future, and when they are not working on their stories, both sisters love to travel, do artwork, eat pizza and ice cream, and dance while they listen to music!


What We Do


A must have for our children's book collection! This relates to my child in every way!


K. Smith


Looking forward to the next book written by these

young ladies!


S. Carter

Too cute! A great book for the kids. My daughter loves

this book!


C. Perry

Absolutely an adorable book to read with the kids! 

T. Braithwate


Book Synopsis

Nadia absolutely loves being on her tablet so much that she can't seem to be without it, even if everyone tells her to GET OFF THE TABLET!

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