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Action to Continue improving Your Parenting

As a parent, you provide a good start in life for your children by nurturing, protecting, and guiding them. Parenting is a process that teaches your child to be self-


Raising children is one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs in the world — and one for which you may feel unprepared.

Tips for feeling more fulfilled as a parent

Improve Your Child's Self-Esteem

When children see themselves through their parents' eyes as babies, they begin to develop a sense of self.

Observe Children Behaving Well

Every day, make it a point to find something to praise. Be generous with your rewards — your passion, cuddle, and praises can work wonders and are frequently sufficient compensation. Soon, you'll notice that you're "developing" more of the conduct you want to see.

Set boundaries and stick to them.

Every household requires discipline. Discipline aims to teach children acceptable behaviors and self-control. They may test the boundaries you set for them, but they require those boundaries in order to mature into responsible adults.

Allow Time for Your Children

However, there is probably nothing more appealing to children. Get up 10 minutes earlier each morning to make breakfast with your child, or consider leaving the dishes in the sink after dinner and go for a walk.

Be a Good Example

Young children pick up a lot about how to act from their parents. The younger they are, the more they will pick up on your cues.

Prioritize communication.

You can't expect your children to do everything solely because you, as a parent, "say so." They, like adults, want and deserve explanations. Children will begin to question our principles and intentions if we do not take the time to explain them.

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