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Creative Learning for 5 years old

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

At school, your kid most likely began synthetic rhythmic activities. Making time to play with sounds and letters in activities such as games will greatly aid their learning.

Various activities can help your child develop crucial abilities like speaking, listening, and numeracy while also supplementing what they learn at school.

Games and Activities

Kinesthetic games

- On the refrigerator or radiator, spell out names and short phrases using magnetic letters.

-Play jigsaws together and talk about where the proper pieces can be found.

Rhyming Activities

-Play games that have rhymes, or sing an action rhyme.

-Create ridiculous rhymes

Reading several types of books together

-Continue sharing books with your child and reading them to them.


picture, pop-up, informational, poetry, eBooks, and print books

Listening Exercises

-Discuss the instruments being used while listening to music.

-Search for images online with one another.

Games using your Hands

- Use cardboard boxes to create a puppet theater.

-To help your youngster dress up like a character, have a lot of fun dressing up at home with clothes and accessories.

phonological games

-Play snap or bingo with letters and sounds.

-Ask your kid to "fish" for a certain sound using homemade letter flashcards, paperclips, a magnet, string, and a stick.

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