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How Should I Discipline My Child?

One of your responsibilities as a parent is to help educate your child on proper behavior. It's a time-consuming and patient job. However, learning efficient and nutritious discipline strategies is beneficial.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers some guidance on how to assist your kids to develop acceptable behavior as they grow.

healthy discipline methods that work

  • Each child should be taught the difference between right and wrong through calm words and actions. Model the behaviors you want to see in your children.

  • Establish simple and straightforward rules for your children to follow. Ensure that you communicate these rules in terms that they can understand.

  • Listening is essential. Allow your child to complete the story before assisting with problem-solving.

  • Attention is by far the most influential tool for successful discipline—it can be used to reinforce good behaviors while discouraging others. Remember that every child craves their parent's attention.

  • Children must understand when they're doing something wrong and when they have done something right.

  • Choosing to ignore bad behavior can be an appropriate way of stopping it as long as your child isn't doing anything dangerous and receives plenty of attention for good behavior.

  • Prepare for situations in which your child may misbehave.

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