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How to have a healthy relationship with your kid

Updated: May 9, 2022

A child's most essential relationship is the one they form with their parent or caregiver. A positive parent-child interaction teaches children about their surroundings. Children look to their parents to assess whether or not they are safe, secure and loved as they grow and change. It will also serve as the foundation for their future partnerships.

* Show Your Feelings

It is critical that you give your child a gentle, loving touch multiple times during the day. Every interaction should be viewed as an opportunity to connect with your child.

* Say "I love you" frequently

It is frequently suggested that we love our children, but make sure to tell them every day, regardless of their age. A simple "I love you" can have a significant impact on your child's long-term relationship.

* Be available and free of distractions

Turn off the television, set aside your electronics, and enjoy some quality time with your family. Your kid needs to know that you value them as a priority in your life, despite the numerous distractions and difficulties that may arise.

*Eat your meals together

Dinnertime is also a perfect time to educate your children about the necessity of eating a healthy and balanced diet, which has an impact on their general mental health.

* Make parent-child rituals

The quality one-on-one time involving your youngster can develop the parent-child link, boost your child's self-esteem, and show them that they are unique and valuable. Some parents plan special "date nights" with their children to give them that one-on-one time (whether it's a stroll around in the neighborhood, a visit to the playground, or simply watching a movie at home).


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