How To Make the Holiday Less Stressful for both Kids and Parents

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Holiday stress and anxiety in children can and do happen during this fun and joyous time of year. There are many fun holidays activities and events during the holidays to participate in.

All that hustle and bustle can be great. But it can also throw schedules off, push bedtimes back, and throw routines off. Because of that, kids might feel a little stressed out during the holidays.

The holidays are a crazy time for kids. They enjoy a variety of activities, from decorating the house to baking cookies. This is an exciting time of the year but kids can get frustrated when they can't help or participate in everything. You can focus on making your kids feel loved and happy during the holiday season not to become overwhelmed.

Your family dinners, traditions, celebrations will never be missed when you keep a holiday planner for all of your events during the holiday season.

Below are some tips for preventing and reducing holiday stress in kids and parents.

1. Take Control of Stress

As you set an example, it is impossible to keep your children from feeling and experiencing the effects of your stress. Whenever we get on a plane, we are always told to put on our own masks before putting on our children's masks once they drop. If you are unable to function, you are no good to anyone.

Take some time to relax. Code words can alert you when you start to act snippy and grumpy, so you can stop it before it gets out of hand. Take care of yourself and relax. Sleep and relaxation is so important for you and your kids. The Colorful Jumbo Size 2 Pack Huge Giant Stress Balls for Kids or Adults Squishy Sensory Toys and The Neck and Shoulder Wrap - Instant Relief with Herbal Aromatherapy can help reduce stress for both parents and kids.

2. Engage your kids

Television, gaming consoles, iPads, and smartphones aren't good for your kids either. Exercise is known to relieve stress. Take time from your daily work and routine. Use an organizer such as the Global Printed Products Weekly Planner-52 Updated Weeks for Planning and Organizing Family Activities- 13 x 17 and set your routine for your kids.

Send them outside. Take your kids to the park, take advantage of swimming time. Take a walk with them. The key is to spend time together.

Another fun planner option, particularly for and during the holidays made for kids would be the Making A List and Checking It Twice: Holiday Planner for Kids. Get organize for the holidays by using a Holiday Planner & Holiday organizer. Make your holiday plans for yourself and your kids as enjoyable as possible.

3. Prepare Kids for Routine Adjustments

Family schedules change during the holidays, which can be unsettling for some children. You can prevent meltdowns by preparing them for changes in their routines and explaining to them as well as yourself what you want from them.

Bring toys and books when you're traveling with your child, and schedule quiet one-on-one time before bed.

4. Don't Forget to Laugh

Stress and tension are transmitted to children through their parents, so if you're irritable, they're more likely to be as well. Laugh with them even if they mess up. This will make them less stressed. Enjoy your kids for who they are. Keep in mind what you all will remember when the holidays are over is not the choreographed holiday dinner or gifts, but the unexpected moments when everyone spent time together having fun and laughing.

5. Take Part in Physical Activity

Through exercise, the brain release endorphins, chemicals associated with feelings of well-being that can relieve stress. Try to engage with your kids with exercise. Tell them about the importance of daily physical activity. Take a walk, play in the snow, play music and dance!

Hopefully, by taking action early with some of these simple ideas during the holiday season can reduce stress and make the holiday season fun for both kids and parents.

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