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Tips for teaching children to be more self-sufficient

Have you ever noticed how all babies and young children want to do things independently? 'This tendency is the beginning of independence, and it is critical that you encourage it as a parent.

You may not want your children to mature too quickly, but they must learn independence. If they do not, they may react with rage and resistance, experience a sense of abandonment, and establish a seemingly inability or unwillingness.

But Williams doesn't want us to feel bad about ourselves. She understands that we're just trying to keep all those balls high in the air and explains that this is a solvable problem with a big payoff: self-assured, competent kids and tasks off your plate.

Provide notice

Encourage your child to assist "you" in changing to get her on board.

Recognize opportunities

Make a list of all the things she could do for herself.

Priorities to pursue

Take on one task at a time to avoid overwhelming her.

Make time for it

When she isn't being micromanaged, she might surprise you with her cooperation, and you'll be a more calm influence when you aren't racing against the clock.

Make a compromise.

compromise while injecting some fun

Forget about perfection.

Accept that she will not perform the task as well as you.

Consider the situation.

It is not the time to assign new responsibilities to children who are tired, sick, stressed, or adjusting to a change. Don't be discouraged if they regress, requiring you to complete a task after they've mastered it.

The last thing we want is for our children to be insecure and vulnerable to external dangers, so start encouraging independence now. This will help them grow into strong, competent, and capable adults capable of facing the world's challenges.

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