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Types of Children's Books

Children's books are frequently thought of as straightforward picture books. But in reality, that's simply the beginning of more imaginative possibilities. There are many more categories for children's books.


Instead of a fictional figure, this genre is based on a real person. Children will gain knowledge of a person's life, often from birth to death, in it. It might also focus on a significant period in their lives.


Fantastical environments are frequently used in fantasy literature. These are entirely made-up fictitious worlds that the author created. Characters that resemble humans but aren't quite human will be encountered by readers in these books rather frequently.

Science Fiction

Aliens, adventure, technology, and time travel are among the fantastical ideas that are covered in science fiction, often known as sci-fi. We enter worlds where families are transported through time, children don space helmets and explore uncharted planets, and aliens roam freely. What-if scenarios are frequently explored in this genre.


In certain folklore, there are aspects of fantasy. Supernatural beings and fairies are two examples of non-human characters that occasionally enter our lives. However, the origins of folklore are found in cultural tradition. This includes conventional mythology, folklore, fables, and fairy tales.

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