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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The number of lives that can be affected by a single act of kindness is always so astounding! You'll soon see that your children are unquestionably born good!

For Children, touching and small kind deeds

Leave a beautiful bookmark for everyone

If your children enjoy reading, they will enjoy performing this act of compassion from Artistic Family Entertainment!

Give someone else a bottle of bubbles

Just about all children adore bubbles! Why not leave a bottle of bubbles in the park the next time you go? Your child will learn about selflessness from this excellent idea for a good action!

Send the mailman a letter of appreciation.

After this good deed idea, let your child leave a thank you note for your mailman. Express some gratitude to the individual who delivers the mail in.

Encourage your child to have a love of animals.

Your child will grow to respect nature and animals more thanks to this brilliant idea.

Help your children respect the elderly.

Use these principles to teach your kids to respect their elders. Your child will undoubtedly grow to appreciate helping the elderly in your neighborhood.

Create a kindness jar and show love to everyone.

When you're ready to share some love, your child will just select one from the Kindness Jar! This is a great method to show generosity to others.

Set up a garage sale in support of a cause.

This wonderful deed from me enables you and your child to get rid of the things you no longer use and use them to assist those who are in need instead!

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